Thursday, May 24, 2007

Little Lauer comes early?

Just kidding... this is a picture of me and Josh as we visited our friends the Cobbs and their new baby Micah in the hospital. Aaron and Alisha are in our small group from church and welcomed their little boy into the world on Tuesday morning. Theirs is the 3rd boy to be born into our small group, with little Lauer to be the 4th! We are all anxious for the day when the boys can get together and play some backyard football!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Butt Paste and other registry adventures...

Josh and I ventured into the world of baby registries last weekend. Turns out that I learned nothing from the first go round at registering when Josh and I got married... I should never let Josh use the scanning gun. As soon as we got to the baby section in Target, he found “Butt Paste” and proceeded to register for all available sizes! As we moved into other aisles, I would simply touch an item to look at it more closely, and he would scan it!

Our intention was to head to Babies R’ Us after Target, but ran out of time to set up a registry there. Fortunately, in this world of technology, I was able to set up a registry online there as well as at Pottery Barn kids. I am thinking this was the best way to go, as other friends have warned me that it is very strange to have a high school employee give you the low down on breast pumps in a baby superstore!


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