Sunday, April 29, 2007

Slowly but surely

I’ve found that the two most common questions asked of pregnant women are “How are you feeling?” and “How far along are you?” To the first, I have been able to respond... great! I have been blessed with an uneventful pregnancy (so far) and haven’t had to deal with any of the more uncomfortable aspects of the beginning of pregnancy (morning sickness, food aversions, etc.) To the second question, I always respond in weeks (which seems to be the common method of keeping track of time in pregnancy) and am usually met with the response, “Really? You don’t look like you are that far along!” What do you say to that? Anyway, I know it won’t last...

I helped throw a shower for my friend Alisha (she is due May 26th) and was convinced to take this picture for posterity. My friend Nicole, who took the picture, laughed as she was taking it and told me to stick out my belly more! That was two weeks ago... I haven’t taken another picture yet, but trust me when I say that I am definitely showing more now! Perhaps I will take another picture soon to show my progress... the biggest problem now is finding clothes to wear! (I went to Destination Maternity a few days ago in search of inexpensive maternity clothes. The full story will have to wait for another blog entry, but for now suffice it to say that I had the only male sales attendant in the store wait on me...I ended up taking about 20 items into the dressing room and only picked out 2 of them myself! Not the most successful shopping experience I’ve ever had...)

Thursday, April 5, 2007

High Tech Baby?

It is no secret that the Lauers (especially Josh) are fans of all things Mac... so my mom couldn’t resist this onesie when she saw it. Not exactly a traditional iPod commercial but it certainly speaks the truth about babies!!

It's a BOY!

On Wednesday, Josh and I had the blessing of seeing new pictures of our precious little boy! Ultrasound technology is truly amazing as we got glimpses all 5 fingers on each hand, tummy, legs... even the 4 chambers of his tiny, pumping heart! He was moving around like crazy and seems to enjoy being tucked into a little ball -- a position that challenged the ultrasound tech to get the measurements she needed!

Over the last few weeks I have also begun to feel some of the baby’s felt like a small muscle twitches at first and I wasn’t sure if I was just imagining that it was the baby. But seeing the baby move on the ultrasound screen and simultaneously feeling it confirmed my suspicions! I don’t notice him moving so much during the day while I am teaching and moving around, but as soon as I sit for a while I start feeling his gentle little nudges.

We also rejoiced to hear (and see) that the baby seems to be developing normally and to be healthy! All the measurements indicated that the due date given to us at the 10 week ultrasound was accurate -- August 22nd, here we come! The baby is also around 14 oz right now... just a little less than a pound!

Now we just need to get the baby’s room underway...


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