Tuesday, June 12, 2007

7 months and counting...

I’m not necessarily a big fan of the “belly” shot, but it certainly documents the size of my growing belly (especially when you compare it to my last pic on April 29th). My mom took this picture when she was in town last week...I think I look really tired in the picture but I have a feeling that has more to do with the massive amount of work she and I did in the basement that day more so than the pregnancy!

That is not to say that the baby is not making his presence known - my ankles have been swelling the last couple of weeks and the word “heartburn” has taken on new meaning to me of late. Fortunately, school ended on June 1st which allows me to get off my feet and prop them up from time to time. The baby is also moving a ton -- my stomach sometimes seems like it has life of its own. Josh laughs at me and says my new favorite pastime is watching my stomach! It’s hard not to when it seems like there is a dance party going on in there!

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