Sunday, September 30, 2007

Louisville slugger...

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to watch Josh's volleyball team play (both UMSL and club). Now that Noah has joined us, I was faced with a decision -- do I only go to home matches or do I pack him up and continue to travel with the team from time to time?? Come on... is there really a choice?

I did resist the temptation of going to Kansas City to watch the UMSL team when Noah was 2 weeks old -- although I did seriously think about it. But this past weekend, Noah went on his first road trip to Louisville, KY, so his volleyball crazy Mama could watch the UMSL team play. Our son proved to be a road warrior and made it through the weekend with flying colors...although he did give a security guard at Kentucky State a scare with a VERY poopy diaper.

Here are a few pics documenting our adventure...

Here is Noah checking out the king-size bed in the hotel room

The Kentucky State gym was cold so Grammy and Mom
had to get creative in finding ways to keep Noah warm!

While the team was getting ready to play Bellamine,
we went to the Louisville Slugger factory.

Here's me and Noah in front of the giant Louisville Slugger bat.

Noah is a hit with the girls on the team...
they passed him around at the restaurant before we headed back to St. Louis.

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