Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Love to CYC

In the aftermath of losing Noah, I have become an organizational mess.  I suppose this isn't too surprising, but I am frustrated with it nonetheless.  We have received countless cards and donations, both to the Rise School in Noah's name and to us personally. I have started and lost many lists trying to keep track of our generous friends and family... I am still hoping to compile a list and send personal thanks to as many people as I can, but am worried about missing someone.  

There are several groups of people who we love dearly and I want to recognize them on the blog in case my efforts fail at reaching them individually.

One of the hardest parts about leaving St. Louis was leaving St. Louis CYC.  Josh had been coaching club volleyball for CYC long before we met and it was very important to him.  The coaches, players, and parents became like family to both of us... we celebrated our marriage surrounded by members of the club and they helped us welcome Noah into the world.  

CYC has continued to love us as we grieve over Noah's death.  The money sent to us by those affiliated with the club easily covered our hotel and food expenses while Noah was hospitalized and made a dent in the medical expenses as well.  We continue to feel loved and encouraged by our CYC family and are humbled by their care for us.

Please share our gratitude with those who may not follow the blog.


Jodie Allen said...

deb, i don't think anyone would think badly of you if they didn't receive a thank you card. in fact, i don't think anyone expects one. we understand. we wanted to give (in whatever way that may be) b/c we love you and want to help ease your burden in some small way. don't put added pressure on yourself.

Teva said...

What an incredibly sweet woman you are, and how special you are to have as a friend, I can tell. To worry about thanking people who do things for you that are second nature to them. They love you, all of them, and they know that you thank them, and to you, you may never know how to thank them, just the simple words of Thank You may not seem like they are enough, but they always are. They are always more than enough. You continue to be in my family's prayers. I pray especially for your spirit to heal, your joy to return, your memories to continue, and your bond with your husband to grow and grow. Deb, I've never met you, but you're a truly lovely person. If you never get around to the Thank You cards, know that those people know.

Anonymous said...

Dear Deb and Josh,
I continue to pray for you both; please rest assured your CYC family surrounds you daily. Just do what you can each day, knowing you will feel unorganized for a very long time. It's OK. The video was beautiful! Keep those memories of Noah close, he is always with you. Take care,

Anonymous said...

Deb and Josh,
What a beautiful post you wrote about your CYC family! Please don't feel that you need to write thank you notes. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. I am enjoying the beautiful photos of Noah that you have been sharing with us. He will always be in your hearts.
Love, Kathy


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