Monday, July 23, 2007

The crib!

At long last, the crib has arrived and was assembled over the weekend! As you can see in the picture, the crib is a dark walnut...we didn't like the matching pieces (which were also way overpriced) so we decided to go with white for the rest of the furniture in the room (especially as I already had a white armoire we were going to use). The friends you see in the crib are Baxter (the bunny), Bear (um...), and Teve (the camel) -- all waiting to meet little Lauer. The quilt you see hanging on the back matches the bumper that will also be in the crib...

The last major piece we are waiting for is the swivel/glider/recliner that I convinced Josh to let me splurge on... it will arrive in 4 weeks or so. The color of fabric we chose is "Latte" -- I figured this is appropriate as that is probably what I will be craving during those 2am feeding times!

I will post additonal pictures of the baby's room as it reaches a more finished state!

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Anonymous said...

The crib is beautiful of course, but I especially like the grouping of "wild" animals. Have to work on that bear name.....what is "bear" in French? Your baby will learn foreign languages immediately! Love, MOMA


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