Wednesday, August 29, 2007


It was back to the pediatrician today for a weight check...we made it back up to birth weight and then some! Hooray! Noah weighed in at 7 lbs on the nose! This is a major accomplishment for a little guy who was only 5 lbs 14 oz around a week ago! We are continuing with a combination of breast feeding and formula feeding...a long and emotional saga that I won't got into huge detail here on the blog. Here is a picture from this morning... Noah is pretty content here lying on mom's legs with a full tummy:

Tomorrow, I head to my OB to get my blood pressure checked. Hopefully, the high blood pressure that accompanied the pre-eclampsia and Noah's early entrance into the world has passed and I will get a clean bill of health. There is a chance that the pre-eclampsia will turn into long-term hypertension, but we are praying against that. I am anxious to take some pictures of Noah in to show Teri, the nurse who walked me through my many pre-natal visits to the office.

Sleep is coming in slightly larger chunks of late (knock on wood)... Noah's feeding schedule has been such that we feed him around 11pm, again at 2:30 am, and then make it to morning. I am certainly not going to complain about 2-3 hours periods of sleep, considering we had many nights that first week that I slept no more than 20 minutes at a time!

We have also decided that Noah is a "cluster pooper". Never heard of that term before? We coined it ourselves. Apparently, some babies like to "cluster feed," that is, eat every hour or so for several hours and then go for long stretches without eating. Noah does this, except with pooping! He will go for more than 24 for hours with only wet diapers, then, all of a sudden, a series of explosions happen... sometimes as many as four in a row over a couple of hours! Amazing, really. Things you never knew about parenthood.


jodie said...

Hi Josh and Deb! I saw your blog listed on the Mohr's blog and wanted to tell you how happy I am for your new little one!

Also, I would love to talk to you about getting his photos taken! You can look at some photos I took yesterday of the Mohr's on their blog, or check out my site at

Anyway, right now I am building my portfolio and would love to give you a free sitting (with a disk included so it would all be free). Babies are best to photograph in their first 3 weeks, so email me and maybe we can set something up for this week!

Congrats again!

Jodie (Kuhn) Allen

Anonymous said...

there are SO many things no one tells you about parenthood. enjoy!


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