Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Funeral announcement

Noah's obituary was published in the Tuscaloosa News on Monday.  Click here if you would like to read it.


Brian & Laine said...

I have no words...only tears for you and yours...

Jillian said...

awww Noah is soooo beautiful!! he is one special little guy with a face of an angel. I enjoyed taking care of him the one night I did on 5th floor b4 he went back to PI. I'm Jillian from Resp. It was soo nice to meet such amazing parents! Your blog is soo inspiring and I have you on my list now to keep up with your heart touching blogs! May the lord be with yall!

Michelle said...

I just wanted to say that we are praying for you here in CT today. I work with Nick & just wanted to say that I am praying that God's peace would rule in your hearts and minds and that His Grace will bring to you comfort for each second ahead, and that the triumph of the Cross will give you much strength today.

Sarah said...

I am so sorry

The Foxes said...

My thoughts are with you today. I hope you feel "carried" through Noah's service this morning...


Deb said...

There is no doubt that God is being bombarded with prayers for you both today and will continue to be throughout the coming weeks, months and years. I pray that you will find strength as God carries you along with these petitions and that in between the grieving that you will find periods of peace and complete rest. Love you both.

Emily B said...

Josh and Deb,
Please know that your blog has been my homepage since we first heard the news of Noah's struggle. I have shared your story with the many friends and family we have around the country, and they have joined us in constant prayer for Noah and the two of you. Your family has touched Joslyn and me ways you will never know, and you will forever be engraved upon our hearts. Your strength, your faith, your resolve, your devotion and dedication are greater than anyone we have ever met in our journey around this nation. My heart aches for you even as it joins you in your celebration of Noah's reception into our Heavenly Father's loving and saving arms. No words can replace the emotion held in every tear we have cried with you. Thank you for your faithful example and ever-loving hearts. John, Jackie, Joslyn, Alexis, Emily and Jordan Brown (Columbia, IL)

Anonymous said...

You don't know us but we are praying for you during this difficult time. Our son and daughter heard about you at their Bible study in St. Louis so they passed on the word to pray. Your blog is on our "favorites" so we will continue to pray. So thankful that little Noah is in God's arms if he can't be in yours. Praying early this morning for you to experience God's love, peace and strength in incredible ways - as you go through these days.
Diane and Steve from St. Louis

Anonymous said...

"Let the children come to me and do not hinder them.
It is to just such as these that the kingdom of God belongs."

Pat Albritton

Anonymous said...

We were so sad to read the news about your loss. Noah is free of pain and in the arms of God. He will always be your angel. God bless you both. I know you've helped many people with your inspirational journey.
Dianne and Ed Magnusson
Kimberling City, MO

Anonymous said...

Although we don't know each other I have been following your blog via Jodie Allen for a long time. Tears flowed down my face when I read of Noah's death. I wanted to share one of my favorite poems... I hope it brings you comfort like it has for me in times of sorrow.
Faithful Love
by Joyce Rupp
There are days when I reflect
Upon the moments of my history
And I taste satisfied fragrance
Like a well-aged bottle of wine.
It is easy then to ponder the beauty of Isaiah's God
Holding me in tender arms.
Etching my name on divine palms.
There are other long-spent days
When I chew upon my memories
Only to taste the dry crumbs
Of stale and molded bread.
How difficult then to perceive
The steadfast love of God
How empty then is my longing
For a sense of divine embrace.
There are yet other days
When sat at a great distance
Looking at the life that is mine
Threading the loom of my past
With a deep belief in faithfulness.
It is then that I see how fidelity
Has little to do with fine feelings
And everything to do with deep trust
Believing the One who holds me in joy
Will never let go when sorrow steps in.
I will continue to pray that you can feel God holding you in His tender arms.

momma's heart said...

I haven't experienced anything like you have, but I did have to bury a baby boy I carried for 21 weeks gestation. I found that the shock, which you don't even know you're in, wears off a few weeks after the funeral. That is a time you will need even more prayer, so don't hesitate to ask for it freely, and express your grief freely, if you feel like you can through your blog. So many are reading, and they will then know exactly how to pray for you.

My heart aches for you. I know you are very comforted by the knowledge that Noah is with our Heavenly Father, and I am too, but I am still so sorry you are having to deal with the emptiness at home. It must be so very painful to see all his things around. I am just so sorry. Praying much. Bless you.


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