Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A glutton for volleyball

Leave it to us to find a volleyball match to go to over Thanksgiving.  The original plan had been to go to the Michigan State/Indiana match on Saturday night until Josh discovered that Michigan was playing Penn State at the same time.  Ann Arbor is only about an hour from my parents and Josh is a huge Penn State fan.  Penn State also happened to be ranked number one in the country so we knew we would see some good volleyball.

Noah fell asleep in the car and managed to sleep through most of the match to the amazement of those around us.  I reminded everyone of how much time I spent at LOUD volleyball matches while I was pregnant... Noah probably felt like he was back in the womb!  Anyway, I took this short video to document the outing... sorry it is sideways, I forget that I can't rotate the video after I take it.   

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