Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh Mylanta!

Noah is officially a candidate for gastro-esophageal reflux disorder (GERD)... just like his momma.  We visited the pediatrician on Tuesday and were told that his antics during feeding time and his spitting up are classic symptoms of reflux issues.  So, for the next 3-5 days, we are testing this theory by giving him a miniature dose of Mylanta before his feedings... the idea being that the Mylanta will coat any sores in his esophagus making the eating experience more pleasant for all involved.  If he shows improvement, then he will likely be put on meds like Nexium or Zantac to control the acid production in his stomach.  

Ironically, visiting the doctor to talk about Noah's fussiness during feeding resulted in the discovery of a new problem... torticollis or wry neck.  What I thought was Noah's cute tendency to tilt his head when he looks at me turns out to be a fairly serious issue... with no real explanation of cause (Dr. Baer implied it had something to do with his position in the womb or possibly his delivery).  So in addition to coating his sweet little throat with a chalky substance (that he takes like a champ), we have to exercise his neck 3 times a day (which he hates passionately).  

Parenthood is CRAZY!


the Hansels said...

Does Dr. Baer have gray, short hair? I think she was my peditrician!!

Lance and Heather said...

he is adorable. i agree, parenthood is crazy. you find out about the weirdest things that you didn't even know existed. Luke has clogged tear ducts and they gave me some stuff for his eyes when we were leaving the hospital. Well, after getting home and getting settled I misplaced the eye cream. In the meantime, his eyes were getting worse, swollen and closed shut with all the yucky mucus stuff. So then I had to call the pediatrician and get an appointment (which seems like no big deal, but by the time I get Caleb settled at home, take Luke to the Dr., wait, see the Dr., fill the new prescription, etc.) you are looking at a good 2-3 hour ordeal. All that to say, I hop in my car to head home and look down in my cup holder and THERE IS MY ORIGINAL TUBE OF MEDICINE FROM THE HOSPITAL!!! Aaah. I've now paid a $20 copay and $15 and spent 2 1/2hours to walk out with the same medicine that was just sitting out in my car! So I agree, Parenthood is crazy!


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