Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Public service announcement

America, if you are listening, PLEASE do not let Jason Castro continue for another week on American Idol.  Please.  I can't take it anymore.


Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

Okay, I am absolutely laughing out loud....I AGREE!!!!! Love your blog....and am praying for your sweet family.

Tara said...

I totally agree. Let him go smoke weed somewhere else and stop wasting my time and my precious ears!!!

Tammy said...

Amen, sister. I am hoping he gets voted off the singing island tonight!

Becca said...

I couldn't agree more!!!

Gina Dankel said...

He doesn't seem like he wants to be there anyway. I'm rooting for David Cook.

The Wagners said...


Hillarious! I think we ended our idol watching after Taylor Hicks won. No offense to any Hicks backers, but dude was not very good. That and the fact that I am 99.9% positive that Paula needs to go to rehab. I did watch one time this year and spent most of the show trying to determine whether Jason was a dude or not, so that was enough for me.

Love and blessings,



The Lauer Family