Sunday, May 18, 2008

To the doctors we will go...

We have two important doctor appointments this week...

Our first appointment is with Dr. Percy, who is our pediatric neurologist.  We are hoping that he has received the information on Noah's genetic testing that indicated he has Alexander Disease.  The test results were initially received by the neurologist that we were seeing in St. Louis, and, for the second time, there seems to be a breakdown in the information flow from that office to Dr. Percy.  We are anxious to have these test results analyzed, not only to give us insight into Noah's condition, but so that Josh and I can begin to have some genetic testing done.  It is important to us to discover if we are carriers of of this disorder or if it was caused by some kind of random mutation.  

Our second appointment is with Dr. Hein, our ophthalmologist.  I moved this appointment up because of my growing concern over Noah's eyes.  He is cross-eyed about 90% of the time and we haven't seen much improvement from patching.  His vision still seems clear, which is a praise, but we are really praying that the doctor has some ideas about correcting N-Jack's eye position.

We'll keep you posted!  Thanks for your prayers!

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