Friday, May 2, 2008

"Yes...I have tried prune juice already..."

Ahhh... the joys of a constipated baby.  

We have been boosting the calorie content of Noah's feedings by making his formula more concentrated.  While this might encourage weight gain, it also tends to make Noah's bowel movements the consistency of rocks.  Not pleasant for anyone involved.

So, for the past few days, I have been mixing in an ounce of prune juice with Noah's formula at one feeding (which, by the way, makes his formula a nice mocha color) with the hope of loosening things up a bit.  I even went so far as offering him baby food prunes.  When day three of no pooping came along, I was ready to give him a bath in prune juice if I thought it would help!

I emailed one of Noah's nutritionists (don't ask me why we have two, we just do) this morning to find out if she had any suggestions.  She recommended calling our pediatrician and asking for a prescription for a stool softener.  When the nurse in the office called me back, she said, "Have you tried prune juice?"  I stifled a laugh, and said, "Yes...I have tried prune juice already..."


The Wagners said...

Barley cereal worked for Alex...

Scott and Dena said...

I don't have any advice except for a tummy massage. Isn't it amazing how hopeful you are for a poopy diaper? Adelyn used to have several poopy diapers a day and a few weeks ago she switched to only 2-3 a week. Our pediatrician says it's perfectly fine but either way, I just get so excited for those poopy diapers. We'll be praying for one for Noah soon!

The Locke Family said...

Christopher takes Miralax on a regular basis. He started it around 9 months of age and our doctor told me it is used on premies because it is so gentle. I never noticed any signs of discomfort from him once we started the Miralax. I highly recommend it! Just a suggestion from one mom of a constipated baby boy to another!!

Anonymous said...

DARK Karo Syrup mixed with my daughter's formula worked when prune juice didn't (shhh - don't let her know I'm sharing this with anyone). Kara

Anonymous said...

Syrup of figs or
lots of water or/and

Debbie B. - St. Louis said...

I used to give my daughter (graduating from high school this week) baby prunes every morning with her cereal. She loved them. Juice didn't work for us.

Will keep you all in our prayers!


The Lauer Family