Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well, our 3 weeks of feeding bliss have ended.  

As I indicated in the "Priority Prayer Request" on the sidebar, Noah has been vomiting more (at least once a day) and not drinking from his bottle very effectively.  We have returned to using the pump, not because it prevents him from vomiting, but because we can spread out his feeding over a longer period of time, giving his stomach more time to digest.  This just means there is less in his stomach if he does throw up.  

We have an appointment with the pediatric GI on Wednesday... I'm doubtful that he will have any answers for us, but a girl can still hope.  

Noah does seem to be getting a tooth on the bottom... you can just barely feel a little bump when you run you finger across it.  I have been noticing him running his tongue along his bottom gums, so I guess he can feel it, too!  It also seems like there might be two teeth on the top that are close to the surface, but neither has broken through yet.  I wonder if this is affecting his ability to get a good seal on his bottle... 

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