Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back to reality.

I realized today that I needed to switch out of vacation mode and back into medical mode.  Bummer.

Noah's eye surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at noon.  We have to be there around 10am and Noah can't have anything to eat after midnight tonight.  He can drink apple juice, pedialyte, or water after midnight until 8am.  If all goes smoothly, we will be able to bring Noah home to sleep in his own crib tomorrow night.  

Another sad reality is that I have outgrown my laptop.  For those of you who know me well, my laptop is my constant companion and is my main way of keeping connected after our move to Alabama.  Josh informed me tonight that my hard drive is basically ready to explode because I am using every inch of space available... I'm going to have to move some files to an external hard drive to lighten the load a little... or buy a new laptop.  The latter option is not really in our financial cards right now (unless we sell both my laptop and Josh's laptop), so hopefully I can move enough files to temporarily solve the problem!

I'll end with a fun video clip of Noah from our trip to New Haven.  We hung out on the beach for an afternoon and while we were there Noah learned a new trick.  Check it out:


Mark said...

You need this:

It shows you visual the size folders and files take up on your HD.

Granted most of the are probably pictures or music in your case, but it is a great way to find out what the deuce is on your hard drive visually.

Anonymous said...

I thought about you and prayed for you all day today. I wanted to call but it was one thing after another. I'll be praying for you guys tomorrow. Please let me know how everything goes when you get the chance. I love you. -D

Jodie Allen said...

oh deb i feel so much for you right now. we've been through three surgeries between the two girls and not letting them eat in the morning is always hard, being at the hospital is hard, watching them take them away is hard. it's just hard. even though you know it's best for them and that they'll be fine, it's still hard.

it does all go faster than you imagine and once you're back home it seems like a crazy dream.

you guys will be in my prayers today.


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