Saturday, June 28, 2008

New challenges. (As if we didn't have enough already)

1.  We are diving head first into the world of solid foods.  Noah simply cannot consistently keep formula down and he seems to better tolerate baby food.  The first challenge is getting enough food into to him to meet his calories needs... the second challenge is keeping him awake through feedings as food coma seems to set in after two bites.

2.  Noah has developed a new vocal ability... screaming.  Our normally calm and serious little boy has discovered his vocal cords have much more power than he realized.  He has been fine tuning this skill every time I leave the room, put him down, or change his clothes when he isn't in the mood.  Charming.  

3.  I am learning how to wait on the Lord.  Again.  (Haven't I been here before?)  It is clear how God is providing for Josh in his job at Alabama...he is enjoying his new position and all the challenges it entails.   It is even more clear how Noah has been provided for by the doctors, researchers, and his spot in the Rise School.  His provision for me seems to be a little slower in emerging.  I won't lie... I miss St. Louis, I miss my friends, I miss my church.  I have wrestled with God about His reasons for moving us to Alabama.  But, as I was driving to Florida, God worked a little on my bitter heart.  He showed me that, had I been given the choice between staying in St. Louis (where I was comfortable) or going to Alabama (where Noah would be able to attend an amazing school and be close to a scientist researching his mutated gene), I would have chosen the same path He chose.  So, I am resting in the provision He has made for those I love most and awaiting what He has in store for me.


Fern said...

Hey Deb --

You are going through things I can't imagine, so forgive me for this pathetic attempt at relating to your situation.

I am lonely too, up here. I have no friends -- zero. We've been up here about 15 months. For the most part I try to tell myself that friendship will come later, when I'm not so tied up with the kids and trying to squeeze in work... but it gets old sometimes. Maybe the perfect job for you will come along and with it, some new friendships. I hope so.

Just know that, through the glorious power of the internet, you're not alone.

Erin said...

Hi friend!

You are amazing you know that? You are still in a way discipling me from afar through your blog. Remember when I didn't know how to be discipled and I asked if I needed to dress up for our meetings?

We miss you here, but Tuscaloosains are so lucky to have you. I'll be praying for friends and a job that is fun and an outlet for you. Love you!

Rambling Round said...

I recently found your blog through Tammy's. I am not too far away... Selma, and I grew up near Tuscaloosa. Frankly, I often miss getting to shop there, and I have relatives there who I visit occasionally. Hope you get adjusted soon, and I know there are great doctors and other support.
We also have a special needs child...grown now but who will always live at home, so we have been the route through early intervention, hospitals, etc.
All the best to your family, and Roll Tide!

Joni Kirby Lightcap said...

Deb. I found your page on Kirk and Debs. I love to hear your thoughts and feel with you what God is doing in your life. I don't know if this will help Noah at all, but our 2nd daughter Ryann couldn't keep any food down (breast milk or formula). We took her to a natural doctor that recommended adding a probiotic to her formula every time she ate. The next time she ate...she was a totally different little girl. If you'd like any info, email me. Love to hear from you.


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