Thursday, June 26, 2008

Home again, home again...

I arrived back safe and sound in T-Town yesterday, feeling refreshed except for the large stripe of sunburn across my back.  
(Will I ever learn?)

Noah gave me a half-smile (which is a big deal these days) when he saw me for the first time and then proceeded to welcome me home by puking baby food chicken and prunes all over the place.  Yes, it was as nasty as it sounds!  

The good news was that was the first time he threw up since I left... Josh focused on giving him solid foods and that seemed to get his stomach calmed down to a large extent (at least until I arrived home and Noah felt like he needed to revisit old times).  We are still working to increase his tolerance of the formula as a supplement because it simply has more calories than any of the solid foods.  The battle continues...

Here are a couple pics from my time along the Gulf of Mexico!

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Anonymous said...

so fun!! i'm glad you got to get away and a get a little rest and girl time. :)

heather d


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