Monday, June 2, 2008

A hunting I will go...

Job hunting, that is.

With Noah going to school from 8:30am to 2:30pm every day beginning in August, I am looking to go back to work sometime this fall.  

I have thought about lots of options but remain unsure about what to pursue.  Returning to full-time teaching seems a little overwhelming at this point, knowing that grading papers and lesson planning would compete with my time with Noah in the evenings.  It also would make taking Noah to doctor appointments in Birmingham difficult, not to mention traveling with the team at all during the season.  

Substituting appears to be a good option.  (Although I may have to contact Sally Lapides to find out all her subbing tricks... she is widely known as the best sub ever seen at NKMS as well as an all around wonderful person).  Subbing provides a lot of flexibility but has some obvious drawbacks... Jeanette always did a great job of setting a tone with the kids regarding subs in the classroom - I doubt that all schools will be as positive an environment for subbing.

I have also kept my eye on the postings at the University of Alabama.  I groan inwardly thinking about all of my great science teaching stuff gathering dust in the garage, but maybe God wants me somewhere besides the classroom.  Nothing has jumped out at me yet, but I will keep looking.  

So prayers would be appreciated as I try to sort through the possibilities.  And if you are a reader from the Tuscaloosa area with job ideas for me, feel free to comment!  


Jen(ni)/Fern said...

Have you thought about contacting a local homeschooling group to see about teaching science to their students? One of the large churches here in my town has their own homeschooling group, and they gather for some of the specialized classes like higher maths, science, and some phys. ed. You might be able to find some groups by checking with churches, or just by searching online.

Anonymous said...

Once a teacher, always a teacher.

God has big plans for you, Deb. You love kids, and that opens lots of doors.

I heart the Sally Lapides comment. We LOVE her on the West Hallway at KHS.

Praying for the perfect job for you! I know it is out there.


The Lauer Family