Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Alabama-isms #3

In St. Louis, these two words are synonymous.

In Tuscaloosa, these are two different things and have separate days for pick-up:
  • TRASH = All tree and lawn trimmings, leaves, pine straw, trash that has been burned, rocks, bricks, and demolition type waste, generated by family units. Paper, cartons, cardboard, refuse, garbage, litter, rubbish, sludge, liquids, toxic or hazardous waste will not be accepted for trash collection.
  •   GARBAGE = Putrescible animal and vegetable waste resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking, and consumption of food, including waste from markets, storage facilities, handling and the sale of produce products, and in general from food for human consumption, and non-putrescribe waste matter, such as glass, plastic, paper, cartons, boxes, and cardboard.


Erik said...

You're in a foreign country, much like the Republic of Boulder.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so who goes through your trash, er, garbage to make sure you haven't violated the Rules of Refuse?? Thank you for broadening my vocabulary, although I don't know if I can use "putrescrible" in a sentence. Too funny!
Kathy H.
P.S. I love the latest Noah pics. He looks so HAPPY. We'll keep praying that he decides sleeping all night is a great idea.

Christine said...

It is disturbing about our "roadside recycling". It really fusses me up ! If you see me along the side of the road picking stuff up I am not part of the chain gang. I'm just taking care of litter. :) Grammy

Lance and Heather said...

that's really confusing. do you get nervous on trash/garbage pick up day?


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