Thursday, March 20, 2008

Flying solo

Josh left early this morning for a recruiting trip to Baltimore.  We are thankful he wasn't scheduled to recruit in Atlanta as the tornado that went through the downtown area damaged the venue where the tournament was being a result, teams will be scattered all over the city which is not the ideal recruiting situation.  

Noah and I have no visitors this weekend to keep us company, so we are flying solo.  We don't have much on the calendar except for a long awaited visit to our new pediatrician tomorrow morning.  The timing of this appointment is perfect as Noah's button from his g-tube seems like its is getting a little loose.  We haven't be instructed how to replace the button yet, so it will be good to have someone with a little expertise take a look at it and assess the situation.  We also go to see pediatric surgeon and nurse next Monday who will teach us more about caring for the button.  

Some specific prayer requests for the next few days:
1)  That Noah will have a quiet weekend digestively
2)  That I will connect with Noah's new pediatrician and be able to communicate with her effectively
3)  That I will be emotionally stable while Josh is gone... regardless of the number of times Noah throws up.  
4)  That our house will sell soon... before the rain in St. Louis washes it away.
5)   That I find a way to celebrate Easter this Sunday on my own... it is just to hard to navigate church with Noah by myself, especially a new church.  

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Anonymous said...

Praying for you Deb, on all counts! God bless you and keep you this weekend. Linda


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