Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Food Fantasy

I spent several summers working at a backpacking ranch deep in the Colorado mountains.  We would spend 6 days in the wilderness carrying all that we needed in our packs.  By the fifth day, we started longing for food that didn't need to be eaten out of a two-cup.  We would sit around in the evenings and indulge in "food fantasies"... each person describe what food they wish they could pull out of their pack and devour.

I'm no longer in the mountains, but I am far away from some of my favorite foods in St. Louis.  So, indulge me as I take you along on a visual tour of my STL food fantasy...

I mean... is there a BBQ sauce better than Bandana's sweet and smoky???

I stopped dead in my tracks when I realized that I couldn't buy 
Zia's sweet italian dressing in the grocery stores here... so sad!
Trattoria was our favorite "date night" restaurant.
Great pizza, great atmosphere.  Racanelli's is a close second...
especially when the wait at Dewey's was out the door!
The perfect breakfast place... I'm thinking of opening one in 
Tuscaloosa and making my first million!


Becca said...

I hear ya! As we are moving to Houston, I am trying to fill up on all my STL fav foods. I've been making a mental list of all the foods I will miss.

I'll add Kaldi's coffee to your list. I love their Cinnamon Hazelnut blend!

Chris Fix said...

Don't I know it. We only have an Applebee's and Ruby Tuesday's in town along with the gammet of college town fast food and a few local resturants. I eat my way across STL everytime we come to visit.

Lance and Heather said...

OH, you listed so many of my favorites too. First Watch--best breakfast ever!! Deweys, yum, and good ole' Bandanas BBQ. I smiled when I saw the BBQ sauces. Lance would always get so mad at me b/c you know how they would ask if you knew about the different sauces? I would always say "No" so Lance had to listen to their long speal about each sauce. :)

Jodie Allen said...

when i was pregnant and living in spokane i would actually dream about Imo's and Magic sandwiches (this is a kirkwood thing so i don't know how well known these are)... and when I would wake up and realize my cravings would go unsatisfied there were times i literally wanted to cry!

The Locke Family said...

I can totally appreciate this!! I would have to add Ted Drew's, CJ Muggs, and Cafe Manhattan to the list...we really miss those places!!

Anonymous said...

Deb - your wait is over. I mailed your package off late last week. Enjoy!



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