Thursday, April 24, 2008

Record breaking

Yesterday, Josh took the day off and we headed to Birmingham for an appointment with Noah's pediatric surgeon. He replaced Noah's button with one that was slightly longer as the previous one was getting a little snug. We were also able to get a prescription for a steroid cream that will help take care of the nasty granulation tissue that keeps cropping.

After the appointment, we went to visit our friends Chris and Patience Peters at St. Vincent hospital. Chris and Patience were in a serious car accident on Monday... Patience was admitted with a broken ankle, a collapsed lung, a fractured rib, a partially fractured sternum! Please join us in praying for her quick recovery and a minimizing of her pain.

We did a little shopping then headed back to Tuscaloosa where we dropped Noah off with Josh's mom so we could have a date night. Here is where the record began to be broken...but I need to back up a little.

A few weeks ago, Josh's mom and I attended a feeding clinic with Noah. We were looking for some insight and advice on Noah's feeding issues... it usually takes him an hour to eat at least and often we have to pump at least half or more of his bottle. At the time, I asked if we should switch from a level 2 to a level 3 nipple (we use Doctor Brown bottles). The occupational therapist discouraged us from doing this for fear that the increased flow of formula might trigger Noah's extremely sensitive gag reflex.

Fast forward back to yesterday afternoon... Josh's mom bought some level 3 nipples and thought she would try one to see if it helped anything (she is much braver than I am). Miraculously, it did! At that feeding as well as the next four feedings, Noah finished his bottle in 20-30 minutes. And get this... we did not have to use the pump in 24 hours! Unbelievable. I did have to pump about 1/8 of his last feeding tonight but only because he fell sound asleep. Hopefully this is a trend that will continue!

Finally, a few pictures for your enjoyment... Noah looks a whole lot more stable sitting in these pictures than he actually was, but it is a start! And, you have to admit, he is pretty stinkin' cute!


Anonymous said...

I love how focused he is. Great news on the feeding! He impresses me daily!

Jill Garcia (Smith) said...

He is just so precious! Continually praying for healing for sweet Noah!!

Anonymous said...

Lil man is smart, determine, and good looking. Definitely has some Uncle Nate in him. Hehe.

I miss you buddy!

Love Nate

Scott and Dena said...

Congrats on the speedy feeding-it is so great to hear about the ways God continues to bless you daily!

Becca said...

That's all great news! And of course, Noah is ALWAYS so stinkin' cute!


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