Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tagged! (I'm it!)

There is a game of tag afoot in the blogging world and I have been tagged twice in the past week by two of my sweet friends, Michelle and Debbie. My job now is to list 7 things about myself that most people don't know... then I can continue the game by tagging others. So here it goes:

1. I played two years of volleyball in high school, my freshman and sophomore years. My coach would often put me in because I had a wicked floating side serve. Why does this story always make my husband chuckle?

2. I once tried to be an item writer for the ACT test.

3. I had a stuffed animal collection when I was growing up that included an armadillo, a buffalo, and a walrus.

4. I love mail. I get excited every time I go to the mailbox, hoping for some letter or package that will brighten the day. Lately, that excitement has been tempered by the number of bills that have been arriving, but it is still there.

5. I've fractured my nose twice. Once was when I fainted while teaching and did a nose dive onto one of the lab tables in my classroom. At the emergency room, the X-ray revealed that my nose had been fractured previously. Who knew?

6. My dream vacation would be to visit Australia and New Zealand.

7. I got into a yelling match with an assistant coach from an opposing team while Josh was coaching at UMSL. The head coach had been pulling all sorts of stunts during the match to change the momentum (telling his players to tie their shoes before serving, making huge productions over questionable calls, etc.) and I was already pretty fired up. They were serving us pretty short and before each serve I would yell, "Watch the short serve!" A completely pointless thing to yell, as the girls were as aware as I was that they were serving short, but it made me feel better. At one time out, the assistant coach stepped out of the huddle, gave me a look of death across the gymnasium, and yelled, "Are you calling our serves?!?" He was accusing me of watching the signs they were using to call serves and yelling them out to our team. An accusation made more humorous by the fact that, in spite of Josh's repeated explanations, I can NEVER remember the serving zones. I yelled back, "Yeah, right!"

I forgot to continue the game... so I tag... Gina D., Linz, & Dena L.


Anonymous said...

The only thing that surprised me was the yelling at volleyball???
Not quite Deb. NOT!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I know about #7. LOL. You were fired up! I will never forget that match. Sure miss you guys. Give Noah a big hug for me. Keep the pictures coming. I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers.

Kim K.

Scott and Dena said...

Okay, I'm the loser who has no idea what "tagging" means. What do I do now?


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