Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Small doses of Noah joy

I love when I am holding Noah against my shoulder and he pulls his head back so he can look at my face.

I love the slightly red tinge to his hair.

I love when he gets mad if I take his toy away.

I love when he sticks his thumb in his pacifier.  

I love kissing his feet.

I love the sound of his laugh, even though I have only heard it once. 

I love the way he plays the same note on his piano over and over again.

I love that he tries to roll over the very second I put him on his tummy.

I love the dimple on the top of his right ear.

I love when he is sitting in his Bumbo and he tries to touch everything in reach.

I love when he touches my face.


Fern said...

That got me all teary.

He is precious. I hope you hear that laugh some more soon.

The Wagners said...

Sweet face! Love this post.


The Lauer Family