Friday, October 19, 2007

I love Target

I can't help it. This red and white bullseye makes me exceedingly happy. I could wander around in Target for hours and spend amazing amounts of money. It takes me forever on my Target shopping trips because there is so much I want, I have to have an internal debate about what I should buy in practically every aisle. To add to the temptation, the Target at Hampton and Chippewa has a Starbucks in the entryway... um, heaven on Earth? Okay, not really. But close.

Today the dilemma was towels. The cool, blue, incredibly soft Thomas O'Brien towels were on sale. Do I need new towels in my bathroom? Not necessarily. Would they look spiffy? Absolutely. In the end, after at least 5 minutes of pondering in the middle of the towel section, I resisted. It probably would have taken longer to make the decision except Noah noticed the cart wasn't moving anymore and began to protest.

My willpower failed, however, when I got to the potholder section. I mean, doesn't a girl deserve new potholders every 4 years?


Anonymous said...

You know I love Target too! Now I want to know what the potholders look like :o) Love, Mom

Wendi Cupp said...

It's Wendi Cupp...I used to be Wendi Nervig. Do you remember me from Ute Trail? I stumbled onto your blog via the Dillards. Congratulations on little Noah. What a cutie pie. I am living in NW Arkansas still, married to an awesome man, Chris Cupp and about 6 weeks ago just had our first baby...a boy, named Cole. I would absolutely LOVE to catch's amazing where the blogging world will lead you. Here's my email address if you get a chance between feedings and diaper changes! I understand.

hugs to you,

Lance and Heather said...

too funny! i love Target too!

Russ, Katie and Eliot said...

Oh, Target AND Starbucks? Yikes.


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