Friday, October 26, 2007

The secrets of sleep...

Ahhh... sleep. It has always been a valued commodity to us but it has become even more precious since Noah has been born. We know its worth, but are in the process of trying to convince Noah to view it in the same way that we do.

There are varying philosophies on how to teach babies to sleep through the night... the most infamous of which is probably BabyWise. I have perused this book and others, but generally I have been letting Noah dictate his schedule. And, lo and behold, Noah decided to sleep through the night all on his own one night last week. Ever since then we have been trying to replicate the experience!

The major hurdle in this endeavor is getting enough food into Noah's little body before putting him to bed so he doesn't wake up hungry in the middle of the night. Some days this is no challenge at all, but lately, especially in the evening, Noah has been getting fiesty with his bottle. He wrestles with the nipple and sometime screams after only a few ounces. The reason for this is a mystery...but hopefully it will be a passing phase.

All I know is that Noah is sleeping peacefully right I should be, too!

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