Monday, October 15, 2007

Noah meets the Dankels!

Our small group from church has seen many changes over the past few years... most frequently that change has meant good friends moving away from St. Louis. First, the Leuchters abandoned us for the windy environs of Chicago. Then the Lockes decided to return to their roots in Texas and moved back to Dallas (after developing a healthy appreciation for basements). Finally, the Dankels heard the call of exotic Columbia, MO, and left us as well. Whenever any of these couples returns to St. Louis it is cause for great celebration...well, at least lunch out with the gang.

The Dankels joined us yesterday and met the newest small group babies...our Noah and the Cobb's Micah. We had lot of fun catching up and laughing. More than anything, we were reminded of how much we miss Scott and Gina!

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