Monday, October 8, 2007

A Milestone (of sorts)

This is one post that will NOT include a picture... trust me, you will thank me.

Noah had his first public poop explosion yesterday. Josh and I took him watch a SLU volleyball match to see some of Josh's former club girls play. We were chatting with one of the girl's parents when I shifted Noah's position on my lap and suddenly became aware of wetness on my leg and on my hand. I looked down and discovered I was a victim of a poop leak in Noah's diaper! Beautiful shades of yellow and green all over my pants!

We managed to get him cleaned up and then me cleaned up and even stuck around til the end of the match. Fortunately, no one else was sitting near us, so only Josh had to deal with the lingering smell emanating from my pants. Clearly I need to add a change of clothes for me to the diaper bag!


Lance and Heather said...

too funny! I remember thinking that exact thing...that I too need a spare change of clothes in the diaper bag! :)

Russ, Katie and Eliot said...

Sounds really fun!!! Maybe that's part of the welcome wagon to motherhood?


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