Monday, October 29, 2007

Thoughts to chew on...

I stumbled across a blog known as "The Rabbit Room" managed by one of my favorite musicians, Andrew Peterson. The original Rabbit Room existed in an pub in England and was used by the Inklings (CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, Charles Williams, etc.) as a gathering spot to discuss their writings. The online version of the room serves as conversation spot for artists and thinkers who "get the feeling that there's more truth and beauty around us in the world than this world can contain." Check it out here: RABBIT ROOM

Intrigued and challenged by the following quote in one of Andrew Peterson's recent post, I thought it was worth sharing:

"We may want something harmless, but if it’s out of place, if it comes before the right thing, what’s benign becomes malignant. We want the wrong thing. So boil it all down. Chop off the fat. Get rid of the pet monkey you’re feeding, because you can’t afford to take care of it anyway. Wrench your heart away from all the things you think you need for your supposed financial security, your social status; set fire to your expectations, your rights, and even your dreams. When all that is gone, it will be clear that the only thing you ever really had was this wild and holy Spirit that whirls about inside you, urging you to follow where its wind blows. If you can put aside your worry long enough to feel that wind and to walk with it at your back, it will lead you to a good land. It will remind you that righteousness is more than pious obedience, but is letting a strong, humble mercy mark your path, even when–especially when–you don’t know where it’s taking you."


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