Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I wish Star Wars was real...

I mean, how handy would the Force be???

I can't tell you how often I find myself on the sofa feeding Noah or with him asleep in my arms and need something that is out of arms reach...the phone, the remote control, my laptop.

If I had the Force, I could move objects at will. Lazy, you say? Maybe. But it would be awesome.


Russ, Katie and Eliot said...

How great would that be?!

Wendi Cupp said...

It's Wendi Cupp...I used to be Wendi Nervig. Do you remember me from Ute Trail? I stumbled onto your blog via the Dillards. Congratulations on little Noah. What a cutie pie. I am living in NW Arkansas still, married to an awesome man, Chris Cupp and about 6 weeks ago just had our first baby...a boy, named Cole. I would absolutely LOVE to catch's amazing where the blogging world will lead you. Here's my email address if you get a chance between feedings and diaper changes! I understand.

hugs to you,


The Lauer Family