Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another fun story...

How amazing is our God?  It has been so cool to see the way He as been confirming our decision to move to Alabama and the way He has been preparing a place for us there.  Here is another story along those lines...

In January, weeks before we knew of Noah's diagnosis, we were eating dinner at Duffy's (a local restaurant) with our pastor and his wife and another couple.  Our waitress came to the table right as we were talking about our impending move to Tuscaloosa.  She overheard what we were saying and immediately jumped in and said, "My husband and I might be moving to Tuscaloosa!"  Josh and I looked at each other in disbelief and began asking her questions.  It turns out that she and her husband are students at Covenant Seminary and had applied to be RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) leaders after graduation.  One of the campuses they were interviewing at was the University of Alabama!  Just a few days before, I had told Josh that I might enjoy volunteering with a campus ministry like RUF.  We exchanged email addresses and parted ways.

Last week, I received an email from her (I am going to leave her nameless in case their move isn't public knowledge yet) saying that she discovered we had mutual friends and they had shared with her about Noah's diagnosis.   When I found out we had friends in common, I got even more excited.  They were interviewing in Tuscaloosa that week... Josh and I both emailed her back wishing them luck... we received a email a few days ago saying they were offered the position and will be moving to T-town in June!  Hooray!

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Deb said...

I truly believe that God glorifies himself in all of life. My prayer has been that God would provide you community in Alabama and He is doing just that. PRAISE GOD for he is good and he delights to reveal Himself to us! We love you guys!


The Lauer Family