Thursday, February 14, 2008

In my mind's eye...

I woke up about an hour ago to give Noah what our friends the Cobbs refer to as a "dream feed."  He can't have anything except clear liquids after midnight and I wanted him to have one last meal before that.  He hardly woke up and fell back asleep readily... but I am keeping watch a little longer to make sure he keeps it down.

While I was lying with him on the sofa, I began to pray for his little digestive system to keep the food that Noah had just eaten.  God blessed me with two powerful images that I thought I would share to encourage those who are walking with us on this journey.

Image #1
Noah's condition, leukodystrophy, essentially causes holes in the white matter of his brain.  We suspect that some of his feeding issues are a result of a breakdown in his central nervous system's ability to coordinate his digestive system.  As I prayed against him throwing up, I had an image of the Holy Spirit filling all the little holes in Noah's brain and making it whole again!  God knows Noah's brain so perfectly that I trust He can make it work if He chooses... 

Image #2
Have you seen the Verizon cell phone ads with the "Can you hear me now?" guy?  They show a Verizon cell phone user followed around by a huge group of people representing the network of service that you get with your contract.   As I snuggled with Noah on the couch, I thought about the amazing number of people across the country and even the world who are praying for our little boy.  The image came to mind of Noah with me and Josh standing behind him... then behind us was a huge crowd of people representing our "network" of those lifting us up in prayer.  Seems a little cheesy when I write it out, but it was a powerful reminder to me of God's faithfulness in raising up the body of Christ to intercede on Noah's behalf.  How humbling.


Anonymous said...

We keep Noah, you and Josh in our pryaers and thoughts all day. We know that God is watching over your whole family.

Tyra said...

I learned about sweet Noah through our friend and neighbor Stephanie Locke. My family and I are praying for him, his health and your family. We pray that you continue to find blessings during this difficult time and comfort from one another.

Jan C. said...


I hadn't visited your blog site for a few weeks due to a busy schedule caretaking Paul's aunt who is staying with us as she battles colon cancer. When I got "caught up" today, my heart broke for you and Josh..and my current study of some Psalms came into stark relief set against the pain you both are experiencing. Know that I will add you to my own prayers daily and to the prayer lists of the groups I am in at E Free. May God wrap your family in His loving arms and supply the strength you need each minute of the day. He hears us when we cry out to Him--in pain, anger, despair, joy, thanksgiving. His love and protection is the only constant---I pray you feel that more and more profoundly as you walk this road.

Ice Cream Cakes said...

I saw this randomly through a friend of a friend...and I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and your little Noah. I hope things begin to get easier to handle each day, and I know from your blog you trust in God - and that's what matters!
May you continue to be blessed and continue to stay positive.

Anonymous said...

Our family, friends, life group, and Village church are all praying for Noah... the network continues to grow
we love you
Laura and Jon

pam j said...

I am Liz's (volleyball team) aunt. I am praying for Noah and you and Josh too. Your faith in God is awesome!

pam j
kc mo


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