Friday, February 8, 2008

Be Encouraged

Whenever I feel myself sliding down into despair, I try to remind myself of the ways that we have already seen God work in the midst of our heartache.  Recording them here allows me remember when worries crowd them out of my mind and perhaps may serve as an encouragement to those who are walking this path with us...

1.  When our pediatrician recommended that I take Noah to an eye doctor, she gave me a list of three names to choose from.  Using a very un-scientific process, I picked a name from the list.  Not only was this eye doctor able to see Noah within a few days, his office manager knew Josh because her daughter played volleyball in the St. Louis area.  When the eye doctor made his concerns about Noah known, she was responsible for the speed with which we were able to get an MRI scheduled and ensured that we would get results quickly.

2.  The house we are renting is owned by the administrative assistant to the volleyball program at Alabama.  She and her husband were having a difficult time selling and decided to rent to us in the meantime.  The length of the lease, the monthly cost, the number of bedrooms, and location were all exactly what we had been hoping and praying for.  Aside from the fact that it is on "Championship Drive" -- how perfect for the new volleyball recruiting coordinator and his family!

3.  Rise School of Tuscaloosa is ranked one of the best in the country for kids with disabilities aged birth to five.  It is located on the University of Alabama campus.

4.  Noah's condition will most likely prevent me from going back to teaching in the fall.  Josh's new position in Alabama provides us with the financial stability for me to stay home... if we were remaining in St. Louis, I would have to go back to work.  

5.  While we have had some differences with our pediatrician, her 30 years of experience is allowing us to get connected with some of the best specialists in the area.  When she calls, they answer the phone and seem to be very willing to help.

6.  Birmingham is home to a well-respected children's hospital that is associated with the University of Alabama Medical School.  Josh's affiliation with the university will hopefully ensure that any treatment Noah may need in Birmingham will be covered by our university insurance.  Also, our pediatric neurologist here in St. Louis knows a pediatric neurologist in Birmingham that we will be able to transfer Noah's care to once we have officially relocated.

7.  We have already received emails from people in Tuscaloosa supporting us on this journey with Noah... most are associated with UA but some are total strangers who have heard our story through the grapevine.  

I'm sure I will have more to add as time goes on.  Be encouraged.


Ann and Chris said...

We're so sorry to hear about Noah. We'll keep you all in our prayers. As I told your mom, we'll get the girls at Mt. Assisi High School to start prayers and the same with the kids at St. Dominic.

The Locke Family said...

God is clearly at work here. We are praying constantly and will continue to do so. We love you guys!

Sharon said...

Josh & Deb,

Randy and I will be diligently praying for Noah. He is so precious. You are lovedd.

Sharon Seabaugh

Anonymous said...

That is an adorable picture of Noah!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your sweet text today. This is seriously all I can think about right now...I stare at Noahs pictures. (im not crazy, I just love you). Im SO encouraged with all these things falling into place. That really gives me a sense of comfort for you and Josh as you move forward. The house looks very pretty and inviting! Definately things to give thanks for. Your praises and trust bless me. Love you.

Kelly xoxo

Anonymous said...

Josh, Deb, and Noah,

Love, Love, Love all the pictures. God Bless your family. Be strong! We will keep you in our prayers. Love you all!

The Kinzingers

The Fitterers said...

We are thinking of you and praying for a miracle for Noah. He is certainly one lucky little guy to have parents like you. You inspire us. May God grant you continued strength and peace on the road ahead.


The Lauer Family