Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh me of little faith

Today was a day dominated by doctor appointments.

Noah first visited with the pediatrician for his "well child" check up...I tried not to think about the irony of that label. The big events for this appointment was the ever daunting weight check and the dreaded immunizations. The weight check started the appointment out on a sour note... Noah has lost another 5 ounces and is now at 14 pounds. This is exactly double his birth weight and we are anxious to avoid going any lower. It was definitely an emotional blow to me but I forced myself to remember that our little guy has had a pretty rough last couple of weeks. Noah demonstrated his amazing lung capacity as the doctor examined him and pushed the decibel level even higher when the nurse surprised him with his shots. He calmed down fairly quickly and doesn't seem too much the worse for wear.

We went from the pediatrician's to visit a nurse practioner at office of our pediatric GI doctor. I must admit that I had a lousy attitude about this appointment... I was fairly sure it was going to be a waste of time because we weren't going to see the doctor herself. I couldn't have been more wrong and clearly need to have a little more faith! The nurse practioner, Sara, was amazing. She listened carefully to everything I said and gave us some great information/suggestions on feeding Noah. She suggested we change his formula to one he will be able digest faster... this won't stop the vomiting but will make it so more formula makes it into his small intestine before he vomits, ultimately giving him more calories. Sara also shared with us that she has 8-month old twins at home who were born premature at 26 weeks... one of the twins has had lots of medical issues since birth and is facing some of the same challenges as Noah. It was such a blessing to receive advice from someone who not only has the knowledge base but also the personal experience... she even said I could call her from Alabama if I have more questions!

Overall, it was a good day. We haven't had any throw ups since yesterday morning and tonight was filled with lots of smiles. Small victories but victories none the less.

Only two days until our arrival in Alabama...

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