Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Alabama-isms #6

When we first got to Tuscaloosa in February, we noticed these odd trees all over the place (including 2 in our front yard) that had been pruned in a fairly dramatic way. Only a few branches were left above the main tree trunk... we wondered what this tree would look like come spring and why in the world they were so popular.

Now we know. They are Crepe Myrtle trees and they are simply beautiful.  I never noticed them in St. Louis before, so I can only guess that they are more common in the south.  

Here are the pruned trees... strange looking, right?

Here are the blooms on the trees in our front yard.
If you look closely, you can see a big bumblebee.


Tammy said...

Yes indeedy, we sho' 'nuff love some crepe myrtles down here in the South. I think the pruning is strange too, but the results are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

We planted one last year and it looks nothing like yours! I guess I should try pruning it! ~Boogsxyvojta

Lance and Heather said...

too funny! we have one in our front yard and i recently purchased 2 of them for our neighborhood's front entrance sign. they are all over the south -- they can withstand the heat. I was once told that you don't have to prune them however everyone does. i was shocked this past fall when lance chopped ours to pieces, but amazingly they bounce back. :)

Love, love, love the picture of noah's hands playing the piano. soo sweet!



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