Monday, July 28, 2008

Movin' Up

We are officially out of the pediatric intensive care unit!  

Early this afternoon, Noah was moved into a private room in the pulmonary unit.  We are slowly settling into our new digs and enjoying the side benefits of being in a regular room.... we can now use our cell phones without restriction and bring food into the room.  There are also two chairs that fold out into beds for us to sleep on, so it looks like we will be having a slumber party with Noah for the rest of the week.  Not as comfortable as a hotel, but definitely cheaper!
(If anyone needs to know, we are in Room 504.) 

Here is the rest of what we know:
-Noah is mostly likely going to have a fundoplication on Wednesday.  His g-tube study today revealed what we already expected, which is that he is refluxing like crazy and compromising his airway.  A fundoplication seems like the best bet to fix this problem and might make feeding Noah simpler than it has ever been.  We were hoping to see Noah's GI doctor this afternoon, but he never showed up... hopefully we will have a chance to discuss the fundo with him tomorrow.

-Noah is receiving respiratory therapy several times a day.  This consists of a therapist taking a machine that vibrates and placing it on Noah's chest in an attempt to shake up any congestion in his lungs.  They also are using a machine called "Cough Assist" where they use positive and negative pressure in his lungs to help him release and cough up some of the secretions that are clogging his airway.

-The doctors don't want Noah to have anything in his stomach until after the fundoplication, so Noah has a TP tube that with deliver food into his small intestine for the next few days before his surgery.  I am anxious for him to have some nutrition as he has only be getting fluids since Friday morning.

Generally speaking, Noah is doing well.  He gets agitated when he is poked and prodded too much (understandably) and I think he is really hungry, but otherwise he is in pretty good spirits and loving his toys. 

Definitely not the way I expected to spend by birthday, but I am happy enough to have both of my boys by my side regardless of where we might be!  

Today's simple pleasure:  With the help of some friends from Bama who are coming to hang with Noah, we are going to sneak out for a little while tonight for a birthday dinner.  


Anonymous said...

We can not imagine what you have been going through.
We always have you on our minds and all 3 of you are always in our prayers.
The Cooks

Fern said...

So glad things are looking up! Will continue to pray for you all. Noah was my inspiration for not being a big whiny baby during phase 2 of a root canal today.

Anonymous said...

We are so happy to hear that things are looking up for Noah. All three of you have amazing strength. We will keep you in our prayers.
Shelley, Jr and Avery

erin said...

Happy Birthday Debriefcase! You are truly amazing. I wish I was closer by to sing you the birthday song and then the jack in the box song. Remember from camp? Love you!

Amanda said...

Happy birthday!


The Lauer Family