Sunday, July 13, 2008

The fruit of our labors

Ah... the joy of having extra hands in the house to help.

My parents left this morning after flying in to Alabama on Thursday afternoon.  I wish I could say that I showed them all of the exciting sights in Tuscaloosa, but instead I took advantage of their free labor!  As I mentioned in an earlier post, Noah's room was the bigger of the two spare rooms in our rental house... I really wanted to take advantage of this space for guests we have visiting in the fall and needed to perform a switcheroo.  Noah slept in his new room last night and I can't wait to have visitors to break in the new guest room.

Here is a short tour of Noah's room (I hope you don't get dizzy):


Fern said...

Oh, it looks great! I love the colors and his name above his crib. Did he sleep well in there? Or at least like normal?

Scott and Dena said...

looks wonderful! And I noticed the rainforest mat on the floor--hope he is enjoying it as much as he did when he was here!


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