Friday, July 11, 2008

Busy, busy

It has been a crazy week in the life of the Lauers.

Josh's brother, Nate, came in town last weekend for the fourth of July and to hang out with his favorite (and only) nephew. It was really good to see him and the time went way too fast.

Then we had the great pleasure of having Bill, Margaret, and Amy Bommarito over for dinner. Amy played on the first club team Josh coached for CYC before going on to play on the championship team at Washington University in St. Louis. She recently accepted the GA position as the director of volleyball operations at Alabama! We are so excited for her to be here in Tuscaloosa with us... and consider it a double bonus that we will get to see her parents more often as well!

Finally, my parents arrived in Alabama yesterday. I am not wasting any time putting them to work... we are flip-flopping two of the bedrooms in the house and painting along the way. Noah currently has the bigger of the two bedrooms right now and it makes more sense to make that the guest room.

Of course, I have neglected to take any pictures of these visits... although I had the best of intentions.  I still have a chance to snap a few pics while my parents are here, but for now, here are Noah's sweet little hands playing on one of his favorite toys.

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