Thursday, July 31, 2008

Noah's new friends

Noah has made lots of new friends since he has been in the hospital! Many of the nurses he has had over the course of the week come by to check on him from time to time even when they are assigned other places!

I snapped pictures of his cutest new friends...

This is Simon the Loving Lion... he is the mascot of Children's Hospital.  One of the chaplains brought him by this morning and have him to Noah.  A poem accompanies Simon that goes like this... "When you cry, I am here for you to hold.  When you're afraid, you'll never be alone.  We can be together each and every day because my love is here always."

This is a giant ballon of Blue, the dog from Blue's Clues.  Noah has a small version of this balloon at home so I couldn't resist this one when I saw it in the gift store.  He loves it... earlier when he was getting agitated and his heart rate was elevated, I brought it down close to him and he reached out both of his hands to touch it.   His heart rate decreased almost immediately!

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erin said...

You are such a good mama. I'll be praying for Noah's breathing. Love you guys!


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