Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Little Noah Man

Here is our sweet little guy hanging out during his last day in the PICU... snuggling with his favorite puppy and with his pacifier firmly in place on his right thumb.

Noah was fascinated by this Gerber daisy that was in my beautiful birthday bouquet from Judy and Pav.  I had to be careful or he would pull all the petals off!

Here is a picture of our deluxe accommodations in 5 Tower at the hospital!  Our two beds are next to Noah's crib... they fold back into chairs by day.  Rumor has it that we can request some additional padding (egg crates or camp mattresses) to put on top of these chairs at night... we will definitely be investigating that for tonight!


The Parker Family said...

He's really a cute little guy! I have been following your blog and think about you all constantly. I appreciate your honesty about the struggles that you guys face. Cory and Nicole are lucky to have you guys as friends.

I just read the blog today and said a quick prayer for the doctor and for Noah.

Hope all goes well.


Anonymous said...

I am continuing to pray. Your family is so strong and you amaze me with your honesty and courage.



The Lauer Family