Friday, July 4, 2008

Daddy returns

I have considered making a post over the last few days that would be a direct request for sympathy.  You see, Noah slept for a grand total of about 4 hours over the course of TWO days.  That's right folks.  Needless to say, with Josh out of town, this was one tired Mama. 

However, time got away from me and I never composed that post.  Josh returned last night and we settled in expecting another long night of baby insomnia.  Noah had other plans... it seems that his sleep deprivation techniques was a direct protest to the absence of his father.  With Josh in the house, our sweet little man slept nearly non-stop from 10:30pm until 6:00am.  That, my friends, is a miracle.  

So feel free to join me in saying "Alleluia!"  Meanwhile, I will be doing my "Josh is home" dance with careless abandon.

Happy 4th of July!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY 4TH LAUERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Cooks

Jodie Allen said...

doesn't that just sort of drive you crazy? when chris is out of town the kids will do something like that and i will give him my sob story over the phone, only to have him come home and them act like angels! i'm sure he thinks i'm just making it up most of the time!

i'm happy you were able to get some sleep though and here's praying he sleeps great again tonight!


The Lauer Family